Are Swim Lessons Safe During Covid?

are swim lessons safe during covid
Experts are in agreement, swim lessons shall continue. 
In fact, throughout the entirety of this pandemic, the California Department of Public Health deemed swim lessons as an essential service stating that:

“Drowning prevention classes, including swim lessons with certified instructors, are permitted in indoor and outdoor swimming pools in all tiers, as they are deemed essential.”

Along with swim instruction being deemed essential, a study based in London found that chlorinated pool water may kill the COVID virus in a matter of seconds. The article published in April 2021 suggests:

“The risk of COVID-19 transmission via swimming pool water is ‘incredibly’ low, the researchers reported.”

We are delighted that the importance of water competence continues to be recognized and our mission has remained the same, to eliminate childhood drownings by educating families and communities on water safety.

Learn what we are doing at Peace Of Mind Swimming to keep everyone safe.

Are Swim Lessons Safe During Covid?

Swim lessons are of course safe.

Swim lessons:

  • Provide physical exercise
  • Improve concentration, confidence, and social development skills
  • Reduce the risk of drowning by 88%
  • Along with LOTS of other benefits, swim lessons provide an essential lifelong skill

While the lessons themselves have always been safe and beneficial, many people are wonder if swim lessons are safe during Covid? Is it safe to swim in the pool with others? What are the risks, if any, and how can I stay protected?

The risk lies in the people around you.

The potential for Covid-19 to spread at lakes, beaches and even pools is related to the crowds at these places.

As most know, Covid-19 mostly spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

This is why it is crucial to practice social distancing even while swimming. The CDC recommends staying about a “typical pool noodle” length away from other families and households that are not yours.

It is also recommended to not wear cloth masks in the pool as they can cause a hard time breathing when wet.

Peace Of Mind Swimming offers private 1:1 swim lessons. This greatly reduces the risk of infection as there will be a single swim coach present along with yourself.

Can Covid-19 Spread Through Swimming Pools?

Can COVID-19 spread through swimming pools? What about hot tubs?

hot tub with wood deck

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of recreational waters. Earlier, we shared how one London-based study found that chlorinated pool water may in fact kill the virus.

However, the virus most commonly spreads from person to person by respiratory droplets during close physical contact (within 6 feet or a few inches longer than a typical pool noodle, both in and out of the water).

The safest practice is to social distance even while you swim.

What About Hot Tubs?

According to the CDC, heat, humidity and chlorine or bromine in hot tubs “should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.”

Is Social Distancing Necessary In Pools?

Even if it’s not mandated, we feel the safest practice is to social distance from other households while swimming or visiting pools, lakes, and beaches.

Along with social distancing, it is wise to practice good hand hygiene and for facility owners to regularly clean and maintain their areas.

Learning To Swim During Covid-19

Peace Of Mind Swimming offers private, one on one swim lessons.

We only offer private swim lessons because want each child or adult to learn based on their own needs. Safety is our focus and in order to get our students to be water safe, they need to have their own personalized instruction.

This has proven even more beneficial as swim lessons consist of just you and your swim coach. During Covid, group lessons can increase the risk of infection for obvious reasons.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends water safety and swim lessons for all children as a layer of protection against drowning.

While a COVID-19 vaccine for younger children is not yet available, taking extra precautions, like with private swim lessons, can help lower the risk of COVID-19 exposure during your lessons.

If you’re able to do so, we strongly recommend finding private swim instruction from a certified swim coach.

We currently serve the San Diego and Temecula areas.

How it works is we’ll send an instructor to come to teach the lesson(s) at your own pool or you can schedule the lesson(s) to be at our location and pool.

If you have any questions or wish to get started, you can ask questions and register here.

How Peace Of Mind Swimming Is Keeping Everyone Safe

Covid Guidelines

We are also practicing as safe of regulations as possible so you can enjoy your private lesson or class worry-free. Our swim instructors wear face shields when in the water and masks when out of the water. If you feel any of the symptoms that are reminiscent of cold, fever or throat ache, or shortness of breath we strongly urge you to stay home and reschedule your lesson or certification class.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

Do Children Or Adults Need To Wear Masks During Their Lesson?

No. We feel it is best to not wear wet masks during the lessons.

Conclusion – Are Swim Lessons Safe During Covid?

The experts and even state officials have deemed swim lessons as essential and we couldn’t agree anymore.

We strongly believe your safety and the safety of your little ones come first, which is why we do our best to adhere to the CDC’s guidelines and recommendations.

It’s why we ask that anyone with symptoms that are reminiscent of cold, fever or throat ache, or shortness of breath to stay home and reschedule their swim lesson or CPR class.

It’s why we inform instructors to wear face shields when in the water and masks when not.

It’s also why we do our best to adhere to the CDC’s guidelines and recommendations.

Your safety will always be first at Peace Of Mind Swimming.

It’s why we started teaching private swim lessons, along with other water safety services, in the first place!

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