When Can Babies Start Swim Lessons

when can babies start swim lessons

Teaching babies how to swim can ensure their safety in the water and can also be fun and exciting.

What we may not know is that young babies can also go to the swimming pool and learn to swim, quite similar to the way they learn to talk and walk.

A host of questions flock in the minds of new parents when they see videos of swimming babies bobbing up and down the water.

When Can Babies Start Swim Lessons?

You may have wondered whether those babies are trained to swim? What are the plausible dangers of swimming in the water for babies? What are the precautions that should be taken?

And most significant of all, when can babies start swim lessons?

Are you looking to enroll your little bundle of joy in swimming classes?

Peace Of Mind Swimming offers private swim lessons for ages 16 months to adults. We are also a one-stop-shop for all of your water safety needs including lifeguards hor hire where you can custom order a lifeguard for your pool party or event and also CPR certification classes.

When Can You Enrol Your Baby To Swimming Classes?

According to experts, your child can start taking swimming lessons as early as the age of a year.

But as every child is unique, it may so happen that your child may not be ready to swim until a few more months.

During the first year of the baby’s life, you can help your little munchkin get acclimatized to water.

Besides, there are other benefits of swimming with your baby.

It provides a beautiful opportunity to bond as you play with your child in the water. And also, your child will be able to get over any fear that he may have in the water. 

When you are trying to figure out whether or not your child is ready to take swimming classes, you should factor in his emotional maturity, physical development and limitations, comfort level, and interest in water.

What Kind Of Swimming Classes Will Be Appropriate For Your Child?

Young children and infants can benefit from swimming classes that focus on the water-readiness of the kids.

At Peace Of Mind Swimming, you can expect children to learn stroking techniques along with survival skills in water like:

  • Propelling in the water for a certain length
  • Coming out of water
  • Getting back to the surface of the water from underneath

When you are looking for a swimming instructor, you must ensure that:

  • The instructor is well-qualified for teaching swimming to children
  •  Offers a scope for the parents to observe how the swimming lessons are given to the children before making any decision
  • Teaches your children how to overcome the crisis in case of an accidental fall in the water
  • Stays near to your child in the water
  • The swimming lesson is taken in an atmosphere that’s critical to the age and development of your child
  • It should encourage instilling caution and safe habits like never swimming all alone or without the permission of an adult
  • Should offer numerous lessons so that you can notice the progress of your baby
  • Evaluates how much your child is progressing and offer feedback after lessons

Alongside all these, you must check the water facility in the first place. The water should be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and properly chlorinated.

What Are The Benefits Of Swimming Lessons For Babies?

Knowing how to swim is very important for children as it plays a critical role to prevent drowning.

Numerous pieces of studies show that swimming lessons for children can aid in reducing the risks of drowning for toddlers and small children.

But it’s important to highlight that taking swimming classes won’t always guarantee that your child will never be drowned.

You will have to supervise your child very carefully whenever they are near water.

And if you have a swimming pool at home, you should block access to it when there is nobody to supervise.

But on the brighter side of things, swimming can be a fun sport for children. Like all other sports, it can help in building their confidence and serve to be the stepping stone for grabbing other skills.

Swimming helps in the augmentation of cardiovascular health by making the heart, lungs, and blood veins stronger.

It is very effective in developing muscle and improving overall control over the body.

Swimming helps in developing a great physique since it drains a lot of energy and improved appetite.

As a result, the sleep cycle is improved and children gain better height quickly. 

The Bottom Line

To get your baby started and to gauge their love of water, you can start with private 1:1 swim lessons. Your child will be connected to one of our experienced, friendly, and qualified swim instructors. We hope to see you soon!

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